Integrate The Broadcast Network Platform System

Integrate Open Systems TV APIs into your apps, devices and operating systems.
1-BANS API - Numerical index of broadcast networks
2-Searchmercials API - Pay for performance search commercials
3-SearchTube API - Viral video search from around the web

Getting Started

Open Systems TV Is Easy To Implenent

Turn Key - Simple API integration and well documented
Screen Friendly - Works across all devices
Customizable - To your brand, look, and feel
Transparent - There is no direct branding except for the networks and content


Designed to maximize revenue opportunities

We provide companies with new business models that revolve around the delivery of video and other digital assets, complementing their existing business offerings and adding to their revenues. These new ways of doing business include Turnkey integration with capabilities for disseminating digital content.

Open Systems TV

Open Systems TV is a set of application programming interfaces (API's) for Internet accessible devices that allows easy navigation across broadcast networks and viral video content, providing an experience similar to that of traditional cable and satellite television, yet in a more robust way to manage the complexities and vastness of the internet.

Mobile Devices

Integrate Open Systems TV to your mobile devices, integrate to your Operating Systems, or build apps that use the OSTV APIs.

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Internet TV

Integrate Open Systems TV to your Internet ready TVs, set top boxes, DVD and Blue Ray devices, or Internet TV appliances and operating systems.

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Gaming Consoles

Integrate Open Systems TV to your Internet ready gaming consoles, hand held gaming devices, or gaming operating systems and applications.

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