Internet TV Integrations

As more and more companies make the move to Internet TV, they realize that video content has become king; and structured video content allocation and broadcasting have become the ultimate goal, with content providers seeking ways to do business without re-structuring or changing their operations, while reaching an ever expanding audience online.

Open Systems TV provides an API for Internet TV and devices designed for Internet TV, and allows for easy navigation across broadcast networks and viral video content, providing an experience similar to that of traditional cable and satellite television, yet in a more robust way to manage the complexities and vastness of the internet.

Broadcast Allocation Node System

WWBN's BANs (Broadcast Allocation Nodes, a subsystem of the Broadcast Network Platform System) is a multilevel numeric channel indexing system that enables users to surf for online video content with the same familiarity as channel surfing in cable or satellite television. It also enables broadcast networks to organize their broadcasting efforts and video content in a format similar to the way they have traditionally operated with private networks (cable and satellite); and because of the vast reach of the Internet and its powerful marketing opportunities, the BANs serve to boost companies' brands, content and advertisement revenues.

Device Operating Systems

Operating Systems can integrate the full potential of Open Systems TV and provide users with an array of broadcast networks with a user experience similar to that of cable and satellite television on mobile devices.

Application Developers

Application developers can leverage Open Systems TV on their topical and vertical apps and provide content that is relative to the app and the user experience.

Earn Revenue With Open Systems TV

While you enhance your users experience by integrating Open System TV, your bottom line can also be enhanced in several ways. Learn More


WWBN Philosophy

"Information has become a currency and it is manipulated as such, the proficiency in the exchange of this currency guarantees success, and every development in the World Wide Broadcast Network is geared towards optimizing this exchange."

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