Open Systems TV API Set Demo

On February 27th, 2011, posted in: Techinical Docs by Alexious Fiero

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WWBN.TV is a working prototype and demonstration site of the capabilities provided by the Open Systems TV APIs. Although we chose a specific User Interface, there is no requirement as to the look and feel of your implementation or which of the OSTV APIs are integrated into your system.

It was subcontracted to a vendor of user  interface components. We provided the three APIs and documentation and some design ideas that we used in 2002 in our initial launch of the APIs in order to test the effectiveness of the documentation and simplicity of the integration.  The Interface uses AJAX, JavaScript and DHTML components.

The site includes the following APIs:

  1. Broadcast Allocation Node System API
  2. SearchTube API
  3. Searchmercials API

The demo highlights the three basic components of the Broadcast Network Platform System:

  1. WWBN Broadcast Allocation Node System
  2. WWBN Search Engine
  3. WWBN Directory

We welcome any comments, suggestions, ideas or capabilities you would like to see in the OSTV API set in order to serve you better, so please make your comments below.