OS TV is a set of application programming interfaces (API's) for Internet accessible devices that allows easy navigation across broadcast networks and viral video content, providing an experience similar to that of traditional cable and satellite television, yet in a more robust way to manage the complexities and vastness of the internet.

The interactive experience, as we like to call it, consist of several media elements (video, images, websites and content) that communicate well with each other and the user in unique ways. Combining these elements adds value because they have the ability of a far greater user experience than each individual element could achieve on its own.

There are three API's available to enable companies to easily add OS TV to their devices, operating systems, and applications.

Broadcast Allocation Node System (BANS) API

BANS provide a new linear or multilevel numeric system of indexing, organizing, and distributing content.  Numerical index numbers are assigned to broadcast networks and enable the user to drill down the network's station(s)/channel(s)/program(s).  The BANS API also has an optional directory and search system used to filter content which allows users the option of searching numerically, by directory, or by keywords.

Searchmercials API

Searchmercials allows companies to integrate commercials into their devices or applications, providing the unique experience of giving users advertising video in direct response to their inquiries.  Advertiser's pay to rank their video commercials in search results.  They select keywords or key phrases relevant to their business goals, and the highest bidder ranks the best results.  The paid click through can be setup upon video play or upon linking to the website.

SearchTube API

Today most people looking for video content online assume that it comes from the most popular viral sites on the web.  However there is a wide selection of video sites, video portals, and video verticals that have excellent content and topic specific video information available and SearchTube is a great place to find that content and those sites. SearchTube is a Video aggregate, a website that collects and organizes online video sources from thousands of sources around the world.

WWBN Philosophy

"Information has become a currency and it is manipulated as such, the proficiency in the exchange of this currency guarantees success, and every development in the World Wide Broadcast Network is geared towards optimizing this exchange."

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