Open Systems TV offers relevant and practical solutions for manufacturers and software developers, as well as valuable innovative technology designed to increase the efficiency of broadcasting operations, and maximize revenue opportunities.

We provide companies with new business models that revolve around the delivery of video and other digital assets, complementing existing business offerings, and adding to revenues. These new ways of doing business include Turnkey application-integration, with capabilities for managing, auditing, and disseminating digital content.

Open Systems Revenue Models Include

  • Revenues Per Click
  • Revenues Per Impression
  • Revenues Per Listing
  • Revenues Per Performance
  • Revenues Per Syndication
  • Revenues Per Subscription
  • Revenues Per View

WWBN Philosophy

"Information has become a currency and it is manipulated as such, the proficiency in the exchange of this currency guarantees success, and every development in the World Wide Broadcast Network is geared towards optimizing this exchange."

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